5 Movies That Will Inspire You to Get Fit

Films that Can Motivate You to Stay Fit

In order to stay fit people do so many things and exercise well daily in the gym; but some of the lethargic people need a boost pack of films which can motivate them and inspire their soul to get up and transform their body fat into the source of energy. Here is a list of few amazing flicks which you can see from your smartphones by downloading the showbox app which have gained ultimate applause by the viewers in the US as well as all over the world-

Shaolin temple (1982 release)

The movie revolves around the guy who is afraid of kung fu and martial arts. The process of learning the art of fighting by struggling hard to get the martial teacher in the Shaolin temple is amazingly inspiring. It breaks the lethargic attitude and boosts the focus of being healthy, strong and active to save the mankind. The way fights are designed is tremendous and eye catchy. These kinds of flicks truly motivate people to stay fit and healthy.

GI Jane-(1997 release)

Demi Moore is the centre focus in this movie that has brought down the body fat percentage so down in the movie that it has inspired millions of viewers. There were two trainers who worked upon Demi Moore. The challenges which she faced to get that fit body were unbelievable. The exercises which she focused upon are duck squats, crunches, military presses and leg hanging workout. One of the best scenes which created popularity in media and critics was her one armed pushups in the film.

Rocky- part 1 to 6

Rocky Balboa the most beloved underdog has set a remarkable image amongst youngsters. He has done exercises and accomplished real stunt fights in the movie which a common man could not even imagine to perform in practical terms. This is such an inspirational movie of the lifetime that people still consider that no other movie till date been released which can kill the stay fit motive of the movie, rocky.

5 Movies That Will Inspire You to Get Fit
5 Movies That Will Inspire You to Get Fit

300- Spartan

The US audience is mad about the 300 Spartan movie. It has gained millions of hearts because of its valuable showdown techniques, war of the past era and body built of the actor which is not visually active in the real life. Those who are still in the bed will definitely get up the next morning to burn the workout floor for sure. However, to stay fit and healthy motivational movies are various that are being released worldwide.